Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vector Genius?

Vector Genius is a one-stop, professional design shop. We provide digital stock artwork, ready-made T-shirt designs, layered photoshop and Illustrator files, and even offer custom designs at an affordable price. Use our high quality, trendy artwork to design with and we’ll make you look like a “genius” to your client.

How do I purchase merchandise from Vector Genius?

It is simple and safe to do. You just add whatever digital goods you want to your cart and checkout. Once you have purchased your product, you will be sent an email with an encrypted link to the file that you paid for.

What software is required to use the products from Vector Genius?

Our products involve design software, such as Adobe- Illustrator or Photoshop (CS version or higher). Pixel-based T-Shirt Designs or Raster Packs should be opened with Adobe Photoshop. To obtain the best results for our Vector Packs, we recommend that you use Adobe Illustrator. You can also open the vectors in Adobe Photoshop, but the file will need to be rasterized, which will cause it to lose its property of unlimited scalability.

What is a ZIP file?

We zip (or compress) our eps and psd download files in order to save storage space, transfer the files to other computers quicker and to combine several files into one compressed folder.  If you are working on a Mac you can use file decompression software such as Unstuffit or simply double click the zip file that you downloaded and it will expand (decompress).  If you are working on a PC you can use file decompression software such as WinZip or you can right click the zip file, click Extract All, and follow the instructions.

Can the files be used with both MAC and PC?

Yes. All of our files can be used by both MAC and PC.

How do I download my merchandise?

You will only be able to access your merchandise by means of download. Once you have made your purchase, we will send you an email with instructions on where and how to download your product.  If you do not see your Vector Genius product in your e-mail inbox make sure to check your spam folder!

If I buy one of Vector Genius' T-Shirt Designs, can I change the text or font?

Yes! The fonts are usually on their own layer. Use your editing software to delete the text and add your own text/logo. We cannot sell you fonts, but you can find a lot of free fonts at Or, you can even contact us via the “Custom Shop” and we’ll handle the editing for you!

What if I want a set of vector illustrations or a t-shirt design that you do not have on the website?

We are always growing and open to suggestions. Please feel free to leave feedback; let us know what you are interested in. If you need something specific right now, we do provide custom apparel designs and vector packs. Click on the “Custom Shop” and we can email you a quote.

How can I use Vector Genius Stock artwork under the Royalty Free concept?

Royalty Free concept means that after you purchase a specific piece of stock artwork, you can use that artwork as many times as you would like to construct posters, digital art, logos, web sites, t-shirt designs, etc. whether for personal use or for a paying client. The Royalty Free concept does NOT mean, however, that you can resell, give away, share, repackage (even after manipulation of the product), or redistribute this stock artwork in any way. This includes using the product as part of a web based design application (e.g., Spread Shirt). Please note that the maximum quantity of copies for printed vector pack materials without paying an additional license fee (with the exception of advertisements or illustrations in magazines, newspapers, television, or websites) is 150,000 copies. Additional licenses for vector packs can be purchased by contacting us via the “Contact Us” form located at the top of the Vector Genius website.

What if I want a custom design?

Vector Genius has a Custom Shop where our team of artists can provide for you a particular design. Just click on our “Custom Shop” link and we’ll go from there!

What if my download link is not working?

Often, this issue can be resolved by switching web browsers.  We test our download links daily and find that the links work best when using Google Chrome or Safari.  If switching internet browsers doesn’t resolve the download error then send us an e-mail via the Contact Us Form or respond to the e-mail address provided at the bottom of the download link e-mail and we will attempt to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

What if I don't receive my merchandise, can I get a refund?

Our digital products are non-refundable. Only in the case of multiple purchases of the same merchandise are refunds given. If you do not receive your purchased item, contact us through our “Contact Us” form and describe what happened. We will attempt to resolve the situation as soon as possible.